Baduk Made Fun and Easy, Volume 2

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Författare: Chihyung Nam

(Baduk är det koreanska namnet för Go).

There are ten principles handed down from ancient times, that we should bear in ind to become a good player; don't be so greedy to win, don't rush forward the opponent's territory in full vigor; be aware of your own weakness before making an attack, take the initiative; sacrifice the small for the big; drop useless stones resolutely in case of emergency; don't act in haste; grasp the opponent's situation and cope with it; keep the balance; and don't be stubborn when isolated. These teachings are applicable, not only to Baduk, but also for a wise and peaceful life. We are able to learn lessons through Baduk that will lead to harmonious and joyful lives with others.

Häftad. 207 sidor.

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Här är de olika titlarna:

Baduk Made Fun and Easy, Volume 1 of 3

Baduk Made Fun and Easy, Volume 2 of 3

Baduk Made Fun and Easy, Volume 3 of 3