Baduk Made Fun and Easy, Volume 3

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Författare: Chihyung Nam

(Baduk är det koreanska namnet för Go).

You might think it is hard to play Baduk in the beginning. Maybe it is true in some ways. Since people who start Baduk think they need to learn several moves at least, it should take time to make themselves familiar with the game. There are so many games exciting and easy to play these days, so you could think to study to play a game is unnecessary and even troublesome. But still I recommend this game to you because you would see a whole new world though Baduk. There is an indescribable charm in Baduk which has infinite variation from very simple rules like two players play alternately, stones are caught when they are surrounded, a player who has more territory win. One choice you made would give numerous ways to you. Any other games hardly give you joy and pleasure like this. 

Häftad. 207 sidor.

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Här är de olika titlarna:

Baduk Made Fun and Easy, Volume 1 of 3

Baduk Made Fun and Easy, Volume 2 of 3

Baduk Made Fun and Easy, Volume 3 of 3