Catching Scent of Victory

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Catching Scent of Victory - The Heart of Go Discovery Series Volume 2.

Författare: O Rissei

This is a rare book that delivers more than it promises. O Rissei discusses innovative play in the opening, stubborn persistence in the middle game, and precise calculation in the endgame. All of these facets are explored in this work. It proclaims that one must always be on the lookout for suspicious moves. He explains how to set the stage in the opening so that one has a chance to win, then demonstrates the mechanics of play, and finally shows how events typically develop throughout the game. The problem format lets you match wits with great talents as six games are thoroughly analyzed. The surprising thing is that sometimes the answers are so simple you don't see them coming. O Rissei also recounts how he won the Kisei title, revealing his thoughts as he challenged the best players in the world to win the Go world's highest title, and recapturing the human element of top-level match play.

Häftad. 270 sidor.

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