Cho Hun-hyeon's Lectures on Go Techniques, Volume 2

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Författare: Cho Hun-hyeon

This long awaited Vol. 2, sequel to the best selling Cho Hun-hyeon Lectures on Go Techniques, Vol. 1, includes 54 problems, each complete with six or more detailed diagrams and explanations. The problems covers varied topics such as proper shapes, the correct direction of play, attack and defense, moyo building and reduction, and the proper way to finish well-known josekis. This book is easy to read and is sure to help improve your strength.

Cho Hun-hyeon Lectures on Go techniques provide an understanding of the basic fundamentals of Go. Basic shapes are analyzed covering Surrounding, Escaping, Connecting, Cutting, Attachments, Diagonals, Tigers (Hangs), Empty Triangles, and Hanes at the Head of Opponent's Stones.

Häftad. 221 sidor.


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