Cho Hun-hyeon's Lectures on Go Techniques, Volume 1

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Författare: Cho Hun-hyeon

Cho Hun-hyeon Lectures on Go techniques provide an understanding of the basic fundamentals of Go. Basic shapes are analyzed covering Surrounding, Escaping, Connecting, Cutting, Attachments, Diagonals, Tigers (Hangs), Empty Triangles, and Hanes at the Head of Opponent's Stones.

Forty five problems are provided (in Volume 1) giving basic techniques for Attachments, Extensions, Establishing A Base, Running Towards Center, Capping, Ataris, Cuts, Tigers (Hangs), and Weaknesses.

Learning to play go at the dan level is like learning a foreign language. Cho's lectures provide an analysis and practical exercises for studying and learning the basic techniques (words and grammar) of Go that will enable the low and mid kyu player to begin playing consistently at the higher kyu level.

Cho captured all three of the major international tournament titles and is the strongest player in the 1990's. All professions stress the importance of basics and fundamentals be it golf, tennis, dance, baseball, etc. and Go is no exception. In this book Cho teaches the basics and fundamentals of Go technique which helped him to become the strongest player in the world.

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