Essential Joseki

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Essential Joseki - The Master of Go Series, Volume 1

Författare: Naiwei Rui

This is the first volume in a four-volume series published in China between 1990 and 1996. The series is designed for mid-level players, but there is material in all four volumes that will challenge amateur dan level players.

The present volume is a handy reference to joseki. It is far more comprehensive than elementary works such as 38 Basic Joseki, but much more accessible than any of the multi-volume dictionaries. For each variation, the author provides sage advice on when to choose to play that line based on the whole-board situation. Potential ladders, ko fights, and seki are all explained in detail so the reader can appreciate under what conditions a particular joseki can or cannot be played.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Low Approach to the Three-Four Point
Chapter 2 High Approach to the Three-Four Point
Chapter 3 Two-Space High Approach and Large Knight's Move Approach
to the Three- Four Point Chapter 4 Star Point Joseki
Chapter 5 Three-Three Point Joseki
Chapter 6 Four-Five Point Joseki
Chapter 7 Three-Five Point Joseki

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