Galactic Go, Volume 1

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Galactic Go, Volume 1 - Guide to 3-stone Handicap Games.

Författare: Sangit Chatterjee och Yang Huiren

There are no books which give you a systematic approach to playing 3-stone handicap games.  This void is filled by Galactic Go.  Galactic Go takes off where Cosmic Go left you.  The first volume in this four volume series systematically teaches you how to play a 3-stone handicap game when White places the first move on the 3-4 point and Black replies with a knight?s approach move.  This book contains many new josekis and shows you how you should change existing josekis when you already have three stones placed on the star points.

Whether your rank is 4k or 4dan, Galactic Go will guide your intuition to develop a whole board vision, sharpen a keen sense of direction, spot sparkling tesujis and make shape in various stages of the game.  Developing thickness, and using that thickness to attack your opponent, is a recurrent theme in the twenty chapters.  Each joseki is analyzed in the context of a game with more than 400 full board analyses. Study Galactic Go diligently and you will be taking only two stones from your opponents who have routinely given you a higher handicap.

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