Golden Opportunities

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Författare: Rin Kaiho

The weak wait for opportunities to arrive. The strong search for and grasp opportunities. The wise create their opportunities - and read this book.

This is a rare book. Rin Kaiho, despite his eminence as one of the greatest masters of the 20th century, has lent his name to relatively few works. The treatment is also highly unusual. Game positions are explained through compelling analogies with historical events in a way that will repay re-reading the book many times. New insights will be found each time.

The author prepares the ground thoroughly with an introductory chapter on techniques before launching into the Battle of Leuctra. On the way, we meet Napoleon, Davy Crockett, Joseph Pulitzer, William III, the Japanese Sherlock Holmes and many others. The translator has provided extensive notes on the historical and literary allusions, and has striven to present the book almost entirely free of go jargon.

The result is a book that will appeal to - and improve - go players of any strength.

Häftad. 308 sidor.


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