Go Proverbs

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Go Proverbs - The Nihon Ki-in Handbook Series, Volume 1

Författare: Japan Go Association (Nihon Ki-in)

This book collects and explains over a hundred fifty proverbs that have arisen over the centuries to help players remember various aspects of the game. For example, there is sayings pertaining to the life and death of groups and to a variety of fighting techniques. Some proverbs help remind players how to play certain josekis, and others provide advice about one's general approach to the game, philosophy, and fighting spirit.

Proverbs provides a wealth of basic Go knowledge in its eleven chapters: Basic Moves and Concepts; Good Shape and Bad; Playing Ko; The Opening; Joseki; Territorial Frameworks; Life and Death; Running, Connecting, and Capturing; Clever Moves, Forcing Moves, and Sacrifices; A Guide to Fighting; and a Potpourri of Proverbs. Hundreds of informative diagrams illustrate the concepts.

A Study of this book will prove rewarding to all players. A beginner, confused by the many possible moves at every turn, will find what have become standard responses to common moves and much guidance in general situations. Stronger players will appreciate specific instruction in middle-game fighting and strategy.

Häftad. 164 sidor.


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