Handicap Go - The Nihon Ki-in Handbook Series

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Handicap Go - The Nihon Ki-in Handbook Series,  Volume 4.

Författare: Japan Go Association (Nihon Ki-in)

The goal here is to provide an effective method to boost one's efforts and quickly enhance real strength in one's game. We have strived to distill the essence of nine through three stone handicap games and selected the patterns that are most likely to arise.

Instruction is geared to the significance of the placement of the handicap stones and the correct way to assess the opening of the game. Therefore, the motto followed here is the iron-clad rule for black in handicap go: Strike in the opening. The policy is an unwavering adherence to thick and strong tactics, discarding the negative strategy of always defending whith the knight's jump in the corner.

But while encouraging aggressive tactics when conditions merit them and presenting examples to back them up, this is not everything. The point is that there are many options available, including a diagonal attachment, a one point jump and a pincer, depending upon the handicap stones at one's disposal.

The whole board diagrams presented are refined examples from instructional games, with positions elaborated upon to the end result. The purpose has been to explain the key to each pattern so that the reader might use them to fight effectively. As far as possible, the intent has been to make this the bible of handicap go.

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