Hikaru no Go 13

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Volym 13 av 23. OBS! Engelsk text!

After stumbling across a haunted Go board, Hikaru Shindo discovers that the spirit of a master player named Fujiwara-no-Sai has taken up residence in his consciousness. Sai awakens in Hikaru an untapped genius for the game, and soon the schoolboy is chasing his own dream - defeating the famed go prodigy Akira Toya!

First professional match

Hikaru and Sai are both scheduled for matches with their greatest rivals - Akira Toya and hos father, Toya Meijin. How will Sai play without reveling his secret identity? And will Akira's father stand in the way of HIkaru's long anticipated rematch with his son... ? The suspense is getting unbearable!

Författare: Yumi Hotta. Illustratör: Takeshi Obata

Serien översågs av Yukari Umezawa (5 dan).