Level Up - Review 2

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Författare: Lee Jae-Hwan

The Level Up workbooks are aimed at learning children to play baduk (Go) but are definitely of value for adults as well. Volumes 6 to 10 are recommended for 20 kyu to 10 kyu players of every age. Volume R2 reviews the content that was taught in those five volumes.

The books teaches basic concepts, techniques and principles of Go.

The explanations are easy to understand.

The books can be studied directly by the reader as well as used by a teacher for a lesson.

Answers to problems can be downloaded here.

Volume 6: Opening and Haengma (Flow of the Game)

Volume 7: The Reducing of Liberties

Volume 8: Learn how to calculate three moves ahead

Volume 9: Important and unimportant Stones

Volume 10: Be careful with a Self atari (Jachung)

Volume R2: Consolidating the learned concepts

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