Otake's Secrets of Strategy

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Otake's Secrets of Strategy - The Heart of Go Discovery Series Volume 3.

Författare: Hideo Otake

Otake Hideo, one of the most respected figures in the Go world today, was second to none in terms of strength battling other legendary players. At the same time, he was the revered elder colleague for other students at the Kitani Dojo, the school that groomed other future champions. They looked up to Otake and gained much from his mentoring. In this work, Otake does the same for amateur Go players. Otake examines amateur games to give advice about typical mistakes that regularly appear there. Since the strength of the players is so close to the average player's, all amateurs will recognize aspects of their own play. This is one of the keys to improvement. But Otake does not stop there. He ranges far and wide throughout Go history to explain tried and true strategies in the game of Go.

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