Pro-Pro Handicap Go

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Författare: Japan Go Association (Nihon Ki-in)

This book is designed to teach the reader how to get the most out of handicap stones placed against stronger players. Model play with handicap stones is illustrated in easy to understand game figures and explanatory diagrams. In the main chapters, the oversized game figures usually do not show more than six moves at a time.

Three pro-pro handicap games are exhaustively analyzed. In the first chapter, Kudo Norio 9 dan takes five stones against Abe Yoshiteru 8 dan. Kudo 9 dan states at the beginning of the game that with five handicap stones, it is not necessary for black to play particularly brilliant moves. "By playing just ordinary moves that any one can come up with, I expect to win by 60 points." True to his word, he plays simply and solidly, and wins the game by 67 points.

In the next game, Ishida Yoshio 9 dan played in an active style against Kobayashi Chizu 5 dan. And in the three stone chapter, Takemiya Masaki 9 dan shows the use of his patented "Cosmic Go" against Ishikura Noboru 4 dan. The last chapter includes 8 briefly analyzed games.

All of these games are analyzed in terms that weaker players can easily understand, and tests are included to measure the reader's real strength. A special feature is the use of graphical symbols to indicate the moves that the reader should work hard to understand and incorporate into the reader's own game in order to improve.

This a thoroughly enjoyable book to read while also learning form.

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