Takao's Astute Use of Brute Force

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Författare: Takao Shinji

Thickness is a concept in Go that is one of the most difficult to grasp. It is hard to comprehend how a concentration of strength in one area of the board can profoundly affect the status of stones all the way on the other side. Still, a clear understanding of the nature and operation of thickness is essential to improvement. Theme positions are presented in this book illustrating multiple aspects of thickness, and the reader is asked to analyze those situations and choose continuations. Over the course of the following pages, those positions are broken down simply and their components explained so that the essence of thickness can be completely discerned. Takao Shinji is a new superstar on the Go scene and only the sixth player in history to win the prestigious Honinbo and Meijin titles in the same year. In the final chapter he analyzes the games from the match that gave him the Honinbo title, showing how he used thickness to fine effect in order to emerge victorious.

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