100 AI Joseki

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100 AI Joseki

Författare: Kim Sung-rae

In his new book, Kim Sung Rae 8p presents a total of 100 Joseki,  which have been created through the influence of artificial intelligence in the succession of AlphaGo in recent years. Each Joseki is  presented in a diagram and explained in three further diagrams. If  necessary, it will also be compared with the original, classic Joseki to  illustrate the new character. The book is bilingual Korean/English and  was translated by Diana Köszegi 1p.

 Absolutely worth reading if you are interested in the modern development  of the Go game under the influence of the strong Go programs!

From the preface:

"Since the appearance of AlphaGo, there have been many changes in josekis, including the disapperance of a number of patterns. Nonetheless, there are still no correct answers, and professional players are still studying together with AI. 

... 100 AI joseki shapes are explained for beginning and intermediate players."

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