Winning a Won Game

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Författare: Go Seigen

Go Seigen's Lectures - Volume 2 - Winning a Won Game provides Three Golden Rules with examples of their application in actual games and seven Go Seigen games highlighting seven examples of success. In addition Three Examples of Failure are provided in three other Go Seigen games.

Yesterday, a won game was lost; today, a clear lead was wasted. Is there any secret recipe to keep the lead to the end of the game? Actually, maintaining a lead is easy, if one can keep a cool head and make every play according to positional judgment. On the other hand, trying to claim a quick victory is not easy, even for professionals.

In professional games, one often encounters situations where a game is lost after building up a commanding lead, or a game is won by turning the tables on the opponent. The material presented in this book highlights such cases.

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