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How to Play Go the AI Way! - Explained with illustrative diagrams. Av Shinji Yamada.

This book is intended for amateurs in go who would like to learn and employ the modern AI style. It summarizes the findings from the study of AI techniques and explains them in illustrative diagrams. Läs mer om boken här.

Fuseki Revolution - How AI Has Changed Go. Av Shibano Toramaru.

Go-playing AI programs have changed the very nature of professional go. Since the emergence of AlphaGo in 2016, the conventional wisdom of go has been transformed. Shibano maintains an independent attitude about go theory and is not afraid to let us know where and why he sometimes disagrees with AI. In an appendix, Shibano gives his own recommendations on the tactics to use with openings like the sanrensei that still feature strongly in amateur go. Läs mer om boken här.

100 AI Joseki. Av Kim Sung-rae.

In his new book, Kim Sung Rae 8p presents a total of 100 Joseki,  which have been created through the influence of artificial intelligence in the succession of AlphaGo in recent years. Läs mer om boken här.