Graded Go Problems for Dan Players Volume 1

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Graded Go Problems for Dan Players Volume 1: 300 Life-and-Death Problems

Författare: Japan Go Association (Nihon Ki-in)

5-kyu to 3-dan 

The single most important task for kyu players who wish to reach dan level is to master the basic life-and-death patterns. Nothing has greater influence on the outcome of a game than a blunder that lets a group die or lets a dead enemy group live. When asked to advise weak players how to become stronger, professionals without exception stress the importance of developing reading ability by studying the basic life-and-death positions that come up in actual play.

This book provides kyu players with the essential grounding in the basic life-and-death techniques that they need to develop deeper and more accurate reading and the knowledge that they need to compete as dan players.

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