Invisible - The Games of AlphaGo

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Författare: Antti Törmänen

The book documents the breakthrough of artificial intelligence in the field of Go. It contains all officially played 78 Go games of the Google DeepMind software AlphaGo, 73 of them with professional commentary. It is written by Finnish Go professional Antti Törmänen 1p  and the foreword is by John Power, author of the classic book  “Invincible - The Games of Shusaku” which served as a model for the compilation.

AlphaGo “has not only dominated the games against human opponents, but has also contributed a lot to the further development of go theory by playing some new josekis and setting new accents in the opening, and – last but not least – also breaking some previously valid iron rules of go theory,” says Tobias Berben of Hebsacker Verlag, which published the book. 

Häftad. 272 sidor.

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