Jungsuk in Our Time

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Författare: Seo Bong-soo och Jung Don-sik

(Jungsuk = koreanska termen för joseki)

We often think that if we follow jungsuk, even if we don't obtain an advantage over our opponent, we should at least end up with a balanced result. However, we forget that while jungsuk points out the best moves to play, it is under the assumption that there are absolutely no stones apart from the situation at hand. If there is at least one stone nearby, jungsuk oftentimes is no longer the best solution. This is the reason for the famous Baduk proverb, "learn your jungsuk, but then forget it." It is more difficult to choose a single appropriate jungsuk for your situation than to memorize countless jungsuk. This book has tried to select the most appropriate jungsuk for the context of each move, but a good rule of thumb to follow when you are studying is not to memorize them, but to learn how to think about and deal with your particular situation. 

Häftad. 352 sidor.