1001 Life-and-Death Problems

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1001 Life-and-Death Problems - Mastering the Basics, volume 2 of 10.

Redaktör: Richard Bozulich

The problems in this book focus on technique and reading, not on standard corner positions. The explanations are minimal and limited to either illustrating a fundamental principle or a tesuji. The reader is expected to make the effort to verify that the answer to each problem is indeed the best and most profitable move, and to prove to himself that any other move fails to achieve the stated objective. This effort is also part of the practice that these problems provide. It is not an easy task: it requires mental discipline. But doing it will not only improve your go, it will also improve your mental powers.

 The problems are not hard; they range from very easy to moderately difficult. However, there are some rather tricky ones strewn throughout. A dan player should be able to solve most of them within a minute, sometimes on sight, but it may take a bit longer for kyu-level players. But even if you are a dan player, solving these problem will keep your go sharp and give you the competive edge that you need to win your games.

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